Metal spray process means superior quality and performance. Metalizing for corrosion control is the most effective, long lasting protective coating available today.
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The basic concept of this process is to arc two wires together and then push high volume air behind that arc to disperse the molten arc into fine particles. These particles are then propelled onto a pre-prepared substrate where they solidify.

• Metal spray has come a long way with new technology. Pre-alloyed wires are available for longer life and more resilient coatings.

• Thermal metal spray provides coatings far superior to conventional coatings and has a proven and well documented extra long term protection and performance history.

• Zinc and Aluminium thermal spray coatings can provide many years of service life from 5 to 50+ years.

• Thermal spray can be applied in wider and more diverse climatic conditions than conventional paints. The coating is instantly ready for service after application.

• Thermal metal spray can be used for a wide variety of applications from providing glavanic protection, corrosion protection, wear resistance and non-skid surfaces.

Hot Ark Metal Spray Galvanising Services

• Abrasive blast prepare substrate to White Metal with appropriate profile

• Thermal Metal Sprayed zinc for corrosion control of all steel structures, power transmission, towers and buried iron pipe etc.

• Treatment for refineries in corrosion protection including linings to tanks, exchangers, pipes and columns.

• Application of aluminium for offshore structures.

• Aluminium for high heat and high wear areas of structures as well as elevated operating temperatures of 590ºC.

• Pure Zinc for glavanising of steel for high corrosion protection.

• General repair to Hot Dip Galvanised steel.

• Pure Zinc/Aluminium mix 85% Zinc, 15% aluminium excellent for marine and industrial environments with excellent corrosion control and wear.

• Non-Skid coatings - the coating comprises of aluminium with either ceramic oxide or carbides powders offering superior grip and wear resistance.


• Walkways

• Ship & trawler decks

• Loading ramps

• Man holes

• Suitable for vehicle & pedestrian traffic


• A Metalized coating can out last paint by a factor of more than 2:1

• When metalizing, the surface being coated remains at a low temperature

• Metalizing is a cold process when compared with either welding or hot dip glavanising. No risk of weld damage or distortion due to overheating.

• High impact, high wear

• No curing time

• Applied at yard or onsite

• No polluting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)