Living up to a reputation which was firmly established over 30 years ago, W.A.B.S will transform any piece of rusty old steel ready for any form of industrial coating specification.
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Light to heavy applications removal of mill scale to heavy rust and old coatings on all structural steel/shapes and sizes are never a problem at M Waters Abrasive Blasting Services.

Structural steel for all civil, mining and construction applications along with trains, boats, wind towers fuel and water tanks can be blasted professionally using garnet steel shot/grit abrasives or 40000 PSI water to prep for any form of coating you may need.

M Waters Abrasive Blasting Services, at their Townsville site large tonnage jobs including structures massive in size 17mtrs x 6mtrs and 25mtrs x 5mtrs have been completed on our site.

Mobile units which can work successfully at any industrial, commercial, local council or military application, blasting any surface which includes timber, fibreglass, brick and concrete, and even polyurea’s/ rubber removal.

The exact same level of quality and service will be enjoyed when you take advantage of our mobile service.

Site jobs that require mobile equipment either abrasive or water and new coatings applied with experienced operators will be executed on time and on budget.